Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eggs & Cheese! Dairy-Free

Eggs! So versatile, so simple.

I know that a lot of kids are allergic to eggs. But thankfully, mine is not... otherwise, I'd barely know what to make him for breakfast.

He is, however, allergic to cheese ~ yet he loves it. Since we discovered a truly non-dairy cheese, one that tastes great and melts for real, we are super thankful.

My little helper
So I give you my shortest recipe ever:

Eggs with Cheese and Basil

2 eggs, scrambled up in a bowl
1 large pinch (around a 1/4 cup) Cheddar style Daiya dairy free cheese
1 tsp basil
olive oil

Heat about 1 T oil in a pretty hot pan
Stir the cheese and basil into the eggs
pour into the pan and let the eggs cook most of the way through - about 2 - 3 min
once nearly done, flip it as if it were a pancake and cook for a minute more or so (turn off the heat)

Put on plate, cut into finger food sized pieces, et voila! serve with ketchup!
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  1. Sue, is he allergic to lactose or casein?

  2. Hi there ~
    It appears it's the milk protein that is the issue. It's not a lactose intolerance, because that would normally show up as a GI upset. If he has a few spoonfuls of yogurt, for example, he immediately gets hives on his neck and face, starts sneezing, his eyes start watering, itching and start swelling shut. It's miserable for him, and terrible to watch.

    We do have some hope though... there are new non-drug therapies that have come out that we can use to help him. I'm working on a new post discussing them. I will say: so far, so good!

    Thanks for your comment! {grin}